A Business 'Gym' for your marketing

Focus, Train and Optimise your marketing so that you can attract more leads, sales and referrals

The Curious Marketing Club

Our ethos is progress over perfection and our goal is for you to never feel alone or lost in your efforts towards marketing your business. 

  • Discover strategies and best practice in our monthly marketing masterclasses so that you can avoid marketing injuries and help you work towards your goals

  • Learn from others and explore new perspectives and approaches in our expert led sessions

  • Work towards your big goals, set objectives and make a plan in our quarterly co-working days so that time doesn’t run away from you.

  • Need some specific advice or guidance? Do you just need someone to show you what to do? Join our monthly marketing drop-in session and get expert support

  • Get more from the marketing books you’re reading with our highly social, six-weekly book club meet-ups where we drink wine and discuss key learnings and takeaways

  • Access an on-demand library of masterclasses, checklists and marketing resources to explore whenever you need them. 

  • Join a supportive community of like-valued people working towards similar goals.

 The Curious Marketing Club is here for you to dive into as much or as little as you want.

You'll LOVE this club if you're:

  • A Consultant, Small Business Owner or one-person marketing team targeting other businesses
  • You value relationships and results over statistics and pushy sales tactics
  • You're open to new ideas and value input from peers and other professionals from different backgrounds and industries
  • You have an open mind and enjoy asking questions that will help you grow both personally and professionally 
  • You have a wealth of skills, knowledge and expertise and want to leverage these assets in your marketing without it taking up a huge amount of your time

A brief story about Charlie and The Curious Marketing Club

In 2006, Charlie, an engineer-in-the-making decided to leave university to be curious about what else was out there in the world. Following a year working in a customer service role, Charlie moved to Sardinia and started her first business - making and selling Olive Oil and Artisan Foods. She soon realised that customers in the UK didn't respond well to the low acidy levels of the olive oil or the methods used to harvest, press and bottle the oil - they were however more interested in its taste and how it made them feel.... 

Fast Forward a few years, a few failures and many lessons learned Charlie discovered marketing was much more than simply talking about how good products and services were and instead it was all about helping the right people find the right solutions to their problems and in a language that the customer talked in - not the supplier.

As a one-person marketing team who then went on to lead bigger teams Charlie noticed that there was a distinct lack of help out there for small companies and individuals in the B2B space - everything was either focussed around B2C marketing or aimed at large organisations with big budgets and lots of time. 

B2B Marketing is traditionally seen to be dull, boring and overly promotional and it doesn't need to be and you shouldn't have to jump through hoops or work in marketing specific roles to realise it. There are so many ways to breathe life and excitement into B2B marketing and make it more human. 

As a result the idea to form The Curious B2B Marketing Club came about, a safe and supportive space to promote a more human and exciting approach to B2B marketing that didn't require huge budgets and life outside of work to achieve.

Our values are Curiosity, Forward Thinking, Adventure, Excitement, Challenge, Connection, Support and Commitment and we promote this in everything we do. 

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